The Supreme Court of Belgrade has decided to release the person responsible for the armed conflicts in northern Kosovo on parole., on September 24, Milan Radovic. The court did not accept the proposal of the general prosecutor who requested the pre-trial detention of Radojic considering that there was a risk that he would flee abroad.

According to the court decision, Milan Radojic must report every fifteen days to the police station of his place of residence, he cannot travel abroad and he was forbidden to visit Kosovo. Milan Radovic was arrested yesterday, Tuesday, by order of a prosecutor, facing charges of forming a criminal group, possessing weapons and participating in acts that threaten public safety. In his testimony, he claimed that he bought the weapons and ammunition in his group’s possession in the town of Tuzla in Bosnia-Herzegovina and transported them to Kosovo through Serbia. The command of the Federal Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced that they will investigate Radojic’s allegations.

On September 29, Milan Radojic claimed responsibility for organizing and attacking police in the village of Bansko in northern Kosovo.

On the same day, he resigned as vice president of the “Serbian List”, the largest party of the Kosovo Serbswhich has the support of Belgrade.