Germany currently has no plans to supply Ukraine with Taurus missiles because they are not comparable to the ones supplied by France and Britain, the Bild newspaper claims in a report today.

Berlin is also concerned that the missiles could be used to hit the Kerch Bridge that connects Russia to Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014.

Kiev has long asked Berlin for these missiles, which would give Ukraine the ability to strike targets deeper inside Russian-held territory. Germany has repeatedly replied that it will act in consultation with the US regarding the delivery of weapons systems.

According to the report, last week Chancellor Olaf Solz told the parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee that the Taurus missiles are not comparable to the French SCALP or the British Storm Shadow as those countries give geospatial data on the targets directly themselves.

A spokesman for the chancellery said there was nothing new about the Taurus missiles.

Bild also writes that British government officials tried to persuade Germany to send such missiles to Ukraine.

Earlier today, Bloomberg reported that Germany plans to equip Ukraine with additional air defense systems to protect grain shipments from possible Russian attacks.