The identification of all 21 dead of the tragedy in Mestre, Venice, announced the prefect of Venice, Michele di Bari. There are nine Ukrainian nationals, 4 Romanians, 3 Germans, one Italian (the driver), two Portuguese and one South African. Eleven of the 15 injured are hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

Among the dead in the accident are three children, one of whom is an infant. and a six months pregnant. Croatian media such as Vecernji List reported that the girl was traveling with her husband for their honeymoon on September 10. The young man is being treated with serious injuries at the Mirano hospital.

The girl from Croatia with her husband

The general secretary of the fire brigade association asked for it to be given psychological support for firefighters who intervened in Mestre because of the hideous spectacle they witnessed, RAI reports. “Firefighters are human, the adrenaline ran out, many burst into tears or fell into silence.

There are two main assumptions which are being considered by the prosecution for the causes of the tragedy: a dangerous maneuver, with another bus, or an illness on the part of the 40-year-old driver who was unable to control the vehicle.

The electric bus fell from almost 15 meters in Mestre, which is connected to Venice by a bridge.

Camera footage from the bridge showed the vehicle passing another bus before it flipped off the road and fell off the viaduct.

The injured included two 16-year-olds and two younger children, the local governor said. Two German brothers, aged seven and 13, were being treated with broken bones in hospital in nearby Treviso. Their parents were killed in the accident and the boys were accompanied by psychologists.

The Venice prosecutor said only three or four survivors had so far been able to speak with them as of Wednesday afternoon.


The bus crashed at around 19:45 on Tuesday. It appears to have been rented by a local company to pick up tourists from the historic center of Venice for a campsite in the nearby Marghera district.

Witnesses saw the bus crash along the guardrail on the bridge for 50 meters before plunging into the void.

The bus company said the 13-tonne vehicle was electric, denying earlier reports that it ran on methane gas. Fire chief Mauro Longo said the bus’s batteries caught fire, making cleaning the bus a difficult task.