The guardrail situation is largely the focus of attention in Italy, two days after the tragic accident in Mestre, with the fall of an intercity bus from a viaduct, which claimed the lives of 21 people, while 15 were injured.

According to experts, the railing was old and did not exceed 1.5 meters in height while, before the point where the bus fell, almost two meters of railing had been removed. “Many experts insist that it was actually a small wall,” writes the newspaper La Repubblica, while the TV network Tg5 points out that “if it had been recently repaired or replaced by a new ‘wavy’ railing, the bus might not have fallen in vacuum”.

The prosecutor’s investigation will have to ascertain why the railing had not been replaced until now. At the same time, the prosecutor’s investigation should ascertain whether this tragic accident was due to the driver’s inattention, his indisposition, or whether the 40-year-old Italian who was driving the bus – and who lost his life – was talking on his mobile phone at the time of his fall bus from the viaduct.

It has also been seized the vehicle’s black box, the details of which are expected to be examined by experts soon.