On the assumption that one of its drones ‘lost’ during operations against Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syriathe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey proceeded today with its announcement saying that is due because of “different technical evaluations” with third parties on the ground.

At the same time, without mentioning a specific country, he stated that works with relevant parties in the field to improve the operation of conflict prevention mechanisms in the field.

Her announcement in detail:

After terrorist attack of October 1, 2023our Armed Forces and Intelligence Agency started extensive operations against PKK/YPG terrorist targets in Iraq and Syria, in accordance with our rights of self-defense.

In this context, yesterday (October 5) many targets of the separatist terrorist organization were destroyedespecially in the areas of Tel Rifat, Jizireh and Derik in northern Syria.

During the business there was the loss of an armed drone due to differing technical assessments in the de-escalation mechanism operating with third parties. Necessary measures are taken to ensure the most effective functioning of the mechanism without conflicts with the relevant parties.

The incident in question did not in any way affect the execution of the ongoing operation and the hitting of the identified targets.

As happened in Iraq, all sources of income and technical capabilities developed by the terrorist organization in Syria will continue to be systematically destroyed.