“Since 8:15 in the morning local time, the sirens have been sounding for the sixth time in a row in Jerusalem. At 6:30 the rockets started being launched from the Gaza Strip and explosions are constantly heard. At this moment I hear a bang outside the city. I place him northwest. So at half past six, rocket launches from the Gaza Strip began, targeting not only the border cities, but also Tel Aviv and other cities up to the northernmost point of central Israel,” he said speaking on ERT’s Newsroom show Gabriel Charitos, resident of Jerusalem, Doctor of International Relations at Ben Gurion University.

As he said, sirens were heard twice in the city of Dimona, which is a city in southern Israel where there are also nuclear plants.

“In his speech, the head of the military wing of Hamas, Mohammad Def, an hour and a half after the start of the launches announced that the operation “Al-Aqsa storm” was beginning and he connected it with the large number of Jewish believers who went up during the holidays in the courtyard of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem,” he said.

The professor denied the information that Islamists have entered Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. “However, groups of hooded Palestinians have entered border towns whose names are not announced for security reasons, and this is the first time something similar has happened.”

“The anti-missile shield that Israel has (Iron Dome) of course worked for this and while Mohammed stated in his speech that from 6:30 in the morning to 8:30 5,000 rockets have been launched, they certainly did not reach his territory Israel because in this case there would be panic, which is not the case.

As he noted, “Today’s specific missile attack is a fact that surprised society. The fact that hooded Palestinians were also found on the streets of the border towns demonstrates a clear failure on the part of the Israeli security forces. This fact was a big surprise. Something that has never been done before. It has been decided that at a distance of 80 kilometers from Israel’s border with Gaza, special restrictions apply.”

“An emergency meeting of the Israeli KYSEA has been announced to decide what the government’s next move will be. A local call-up of reserves has been announced.

He informed that “Organizers of the reserves participating in the protests for judicial reform are suspending their mobilizations and that they will obey the government and be drafted.”