Benjamin Netanyahu said tonight that “Hamas has launched a cruel and vicious war” with the Israeli prime minister pledging “mighty revenge” against Hamas, speaking of a dark day for the Jewish state.

“We will win this war, but the price will be heavy,” he said in a brief televised address.

“What happened today has never happened before in Israel and I will make sure it never happens again. The entire government stands behind this decision. The Israeli military will immediately use all its forces to disable Hamas’ capabilities. We will beat them to death, we will avenge them for the dark day they have brought upon the State of Israel and its citizens,” he continued.

“This war will take time, it will be difficult, days of challenges lie ahead,” saying the Israeli military will use “all its might” to “destroy” Hamas.

More than 200 Israelis were killed in a surprise attack by Hamas on Israeli territory this morning, with the Palestinian group’s fighters taking dozens of Israeli civilians and soldiers captive, according to the latest provisional counts.

Israel has launched strikes on the Gaza Strip with the death toll so far at over 232 Palestinians.

In his speech, Netanyahu said that Hamas will be held accountable for the plight of Israeli prisoners, warning that Israel will retaliate against those who harm them.