London, Thanasis Gavos

Fears that more than ten British nationals are dead or missing in Israel after the Hamas attacks, say security sources cited by major British news networks.

By Monday afternoon, 20-year-old Nathaniel Young, from north London, who served as a corporal in the Israeli armed forces, had been confirmed dead, as had Bernard Cowan, from Glasgow.

The names of two missing Britons, Dan Darlington and 26-year-old Jake Marlowe, who were at the music festival near the Gaza border where there have been hundreds of dead, have been identified.

Relatives of the Scottish Prime Minister trapped in Gaza

Meanwhile, the Scottish Prime Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) Hamza Yousaf, whose wife is Palestinian, reported that his in-laws were “trapped” in Gaza, where they were visiting an elderly relative having traveled from Dundee where they live.

Mr Youssef, who strongly condemned the Hamas attack, said he did not know whether his wife’s parents “will manage to survive the night or not” under the shadow of Israel’s warnings.

In addition, following the damage to a Jewish restaurant in the Golders Green district of north London, the heart of the city’s Jewish community, and a graffiti that appeared in the same area reading “Free Palestine”, Downing Street said that police reinforcements could not be ruled out. patrols.

Late in the afternoon the prime minister Rishi Sunak chaired the crisis management committee known as Cobra to assess the situation in the Middle East and consider the British response.

A little earlier, Mr. Sunak had said that he had assured Netanyahu’s Israeli counterpart of continued support from London, at the diplomatic level, but also at the level of security and security intelligence.

He added that in the past Britain has provided Israel with equipment that has been used in recent days to defend the country against Hamas.