Dozens of foreigners were killed, were injured or held hostage after the attack launched on Saturday by Hamas in Israel, by which they were killed at least 800 peoplefrom the Israeli side, according to the most recent report announced by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Many of the victims took part in a rave party in the desert, near the border with the Gaza Strip. Israel’s Foreign Ministry reported that the hostages are more than 100.

Based on the information that has been released so far, the countries that have victims or are missing are as follows:

-Thailand: 12 dead, 11 hostages

Twelve Thais were killed, under unclear circumstances, eight were injured and 11 were kidnapped, according to the country’s foreign ministry. About 30,000 Thais work in Israel, most as farm laborers.

-Nepal: 10 dead, 4 injured.

Nepal counts ten dead, according to the country’s embassy in Tel Aviv. Four other Nepalis were injured while a fifth is missing.

There are 265 Nepali students living in Israel, 17 of whom were housed in the Alumim kibbutz in the south, which was targeted by Hamas.

-USA: 9 dead

The White House confirmed the death of nine American citizens, without providing further details. A State Department spokesman said Washington had no information about some of its citizens and was working with Israeli authorities to locate them.

-Ukraine: 2 dead

Two women who had lived in Israel “for a long time” were killed in the attacks, according to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

-France: 2 dead, 8 missing

A French woman and a French man were killed, according to the foreign ministry which is trying to ascertain the status of French citizens who have not yet made a mark.

Earlier, lawmaker Meyer Habib said “at least 8 French people” were missing, including Avidan T., 26, who is from Bordeaux and believed to have been kidnapped.

-Britain: 1 dead, 1 missing

26-year-old Jake Marlowe is missing, the UK embassy in Israel said, without confirming whether he had been abducted. Marlowe was security at the rave party.

His mother, Laiza, told the Jewish News that he called her at 4.30am on Saturday and described the rocket attack. An hour later he texted her saying “the connection is bad, everything is fine, I’ll keep you posted, I promise.”

From that moment, his fate is unknown.

Nathaniel Young, 20, was serving in the Israeli army and was killed at the border, according to his family.

-Cambodia: One dead

Prime Minister Hun Manet confirmed the death of a student who was in Israel.

-Germany: Many hostages

Many Germans, some of whom also hold Israeli citizenship, have been kidnapped, the Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday.

The ministry had no comment on the abduction of 22-year-old Sunny Luke, whose mother said she recognized her in a video circulating online. The young woman had gone with her friends to the rave party.

-Canada: One dead, 2 missing

The Canadian government said it was trying to verify reports that one Canadian had been killed and two others were missing.

-Mexico: 2 hostages

Secretary of State Alicia Barcena said two Mexicans have been kidnapped.

-Russia: At least 4 missing

The Russian embassy in Tel Aviv reported that he cannot communicate with nine people, who resided permanently or temporarily in Israel. The four of them are included in the lists of missing persons published by the Israeli authorities.

-Brazil: 3 missing

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke of three missing and one injured. All four also had Israeli citizenship and participated in the rave party.

-Paraguay: 2 missing

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that two Paraguayans, permanent residents of Israel, are missing

-Colombia: 2 missing

The Colombian ambassador said that two people, Yvonne Rubio and Antonio Mesia Motano, have been lost. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet confirmed the information.

-Panama: 1 missing

Panamanian Darieli Denises Saes Batista is listed as missing.

-Ireland: 1 missing

22-year-old Irish-Israeli Kim Camty joined the rave party. She last contacted her family at 7 a.m. Saturday, saying he was running to get to a car to leave, as rockets were falling in the area.