A “crack” was noted to the Commission for suspension of aid packages to the Palestinians after Hamas attacked Israel. Spain and Ireland expressed displeasure at the European Commission’s decision to suspend financial aid to the Palestinians.

Ireland has asked the Commission to explain on what legal basis it bases this decision. “We believe that there is no legal basis for a unilateral decision of this kind by a single Commissioner and we do not support stopping aid,” a Foreign Office spokesman said.

Spain’s leftist government also expressed its disagreement. Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez, who comes from the Socialist party, had a telephone conversation with the Commissioner Oliver Varchelli, to whom he reported Madrid’s objections. The minister also asked the head of European diplomacy, his compatriot Josep Borrell, to raise the matter at the extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers who “had not been informed” of the Commission’s decision.

The Hungarian Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement announced earlier today that payments are being suspended and all aid programs to Palestine will be reviewed. The EU, which is one of the most important donors to the Palestinians, it intended to spend around 1.2 billion euros between 2021-24 to finance various projects, mainly in the education and health sectors.