Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to visit Moscow, Russian media reported, citing the Palestinian ambassador in the Russian capital.

“We are waiting for an official announcement from the Kremlin, from the Russian side, about when the visit will take place,” Palestinian Ambassador Abdel Hafez Noufal said, according to the RBC network.

“An agreement was made that Mr. Abbas will come to Moscow,” he added.

He also told Russian state television that the parties have “daily contacts”.

Yesterday Monday, Israel imposed a total blockade on the Gaza Strip, after the attack with hundreds of victims launched by Hamas on Saturday.

Russia, which has historical ties to Arab countries, Iran, Hamas, as well as Israel, condemned the violence and accused the US administration of ignoring the need to establish an independent Palestinian state.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Mr Abbas a year ago on the sidelines of a summit in Kazakhstan. Mr. Abbas visited Russia two years ago, Russian media recall.