Members of an Israeli family who survived a Hamas attack on their home have described the terror unleashed by the Islamist militants in their unprecedented attack on southern Israel last Saturday.

The Schindler family’s home in the Kerem Shalom kibbutz is yards from where militants bulldozed their way into the Gaza border and began a massacre of civilians as hundreds of youths ran wild during the music festival.

“We were woken up at 6:30 on a ‘red alert,'” mother of six young children, Revital Schindler, told CNN. “We went to the bathroom, we started hearing gunshots from everywhere, and the house and the living room were filled with bullets. My husband heard noises in Arabic inside the house. He immediately went to the safe and held the door handle so that no one could enter. They shouted at us “we are IDF soldiers, we want to enter”. We heard they had an Arabic accent, we said, “We don’t open the door.”

The militants then threw a grenade at the door, causing her husband, Amitsai, to throw himself.

Amithai Schindler, 33, survived the blast and is recovering in a Tel Aviv hospital after having an arm amputated, his wife said