Israel is planning and preparing for a two-front warNetanyahu adviser Mark Regev told Sky News.

Concerns have been expressed that Israel will be forced to fight on two fronts if Hezbollah decides to take advantage of the country’s current situation, the report said.

Already, Hezbollah has admitted that it has launched attacks on Israel, while in the last few hours the Israeli forces are talking about suspected violations of Israel’s airspace on the border with Lebanon.

Mark Regev, senior adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told Sky News that he had been “concerned for some time” that Hezbollah would “escalate the situation”.

“We do not want to see an escalation in the north, but if we are forced to fight a war on two fronts, we will not be surprised. We are prepared, we are ready and we will prevail”, he said.

“It’s not easy, but no war is ever easy. We were planning for the eventuality… and we can fight, if necessary, a two-front war,” he added.

Regev said the country wants to emerge from this conflict with a “different reality’ and Gaza ‘will not be the same’.

“This war will end on our terms,” ​​he added, saying the situation in Gaza “will change radically».

Asked if Israel would retake the area, Regev declined to answer, saying he would not comment on military tactics.