Details are published by Hamas attack in southern Israel where tested the readiness of the Israeli military forces. THE Wall Street Journal reveals that Hamas fighters carried maps of the Israeli cities and military bases they were targeting.

Evidence collected from the sites of the attack contained documents written in Arabic, according to which the Hamas attack clearly targeted civilian centers to take hostages in addition to military installations.

“They knew exactly what the targets would be”, said Michael Milshtein, a former Israeli military intelligence officer and head of the Palestinian Studies Forum at Tel Aviv University. The level of planning exceeded all previous Hamas attacks, he noted.

Indicative of the preparation of the Islamist organization is a 14-page document dated June 15, 2023 and describes a plan to infiltrate Mefalsim, a kibbutz, near Gaza and take the residents hostage.

Also, they had in their possession maps and aerial photographs of the cityto which it refers that there were 1,000 civilians guarded by a volunteer security force.

In the same document details were also recorded of the proximity of Israeli forces, and their reaction time estimated at 3 to 5 minutes.

In the documents described the Hamas operational attack in which fighters would break through the security fencewhile others would use artillery fire to distract the Israelis.