The non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders (Médecins sans frontières, MSF) appealed yesterday Saturday to the Israeli authorities to “show the most basic humanity” in the military operations in the Gaza Strip, characterizing the situation in the Palestinian enclave “as absurd as unbearable”.

“As the Israeli army has been relentlessly shelling the Gaza Strip for a week, we are now calling on it to show the most basic humanity,” MSF France president Isabelle Defourny said in a press release.

“We are extremely concerned about the fate of people who are unable to move, such as the wounded, the sick, the medical staff who are feared to be missing, given the statements of the Israeli military authorities,” he added.

Israel on Saturday called on Palestinians “not to delay” in evacuating the northern Gaza Strip, hinting that it is only a matter of hours before a full-scale ground operation begins, after a week of war sparked by a surprise and unprecedentedly bloody attack. of Hamas on its territory. The dead are now thousands.

The president of MSF France also called for enclave residents who want to be allowed to leave the besieged region, which has been under blockade since 2007, to go to neighboring Egypt.

“Ordering almost 1.1 million people to move within a few hours to areas where there was already overcrowding and precarious access to food, water and medical care is both irrational and intolerable,” said the president of MSF France.

The organization requests that there be safe areas in the northern part of the country and that a ceasefire be declared at regular intervals. “We also ask that people who wish to leave can do so from the Rafah crossing,” he stressed.

Rafah is the only exit point from the Gaza Strip that is not under Israeli control. But crossing to Egypt is often hampered by closures and the need to secure various permits.

The crossing remains closed for the past few days.

MSF noted that much of its teams in the Gaza Strip were moved to the southern part of the enclave.