The presence causes strong reactions in Turkey US fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean as broadcast by Manolis Kostidis. In this context, Ankara is proceeding with the naval exercise – response “Against” with real fire.

“Exercise is an answer in the presence of American aircraft carriers”, the Turkish media reports. However, the Turkish exercise will take place off Cyprus, not so close to the American aircraft carriers, said the SKAI correspondent in Istanbul.

“To close the American base of Incirlik” comments SOZCU on its front page.

“Turkey is ready”

“Turkey is ready for the possibility that the US will take advantage of the situation in Gaza. Turkey also responds to the blockade of Gaza. With the appearance of an American aircraft carrier in the area where the Turkish drilling rigs are located, Turkey issued a NAVTEX and according to the announcement, the Turkish Navy will conduct an exercise off the coast of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, it was noted in the news bulletin of the television network TGRT Haber.

TGRT Haber’s commentary

“Gentlemen of America… But where is America? See where the Mediterranean, Israel and Palestine are. What business do you have there?’

“With these words, Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan had reacted to the mission of the American aircraft carrier. That’s why it was a totally random move. The Navy announced that it will carry out an exercise on October 16 off the coast of the ᾽᾽TDBK᾽,’ commented a journalist on the TGRT Haber television network.

Hurriyet speaks of surprise exercise:


Hamas leaders at the Istanbul demonstration

At the same time that in Turkey, there is an open climate of dissatisfaction with the American support for Israel, senior Hamas officials participated on Sunday in a demonstration in Istanbul. Songs with lyrics were heard “let’s go to Jerusalem with the army of Islam.”

“Our brothers who participate in the resistance did their duty and took the road to liberate Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Our brothers with the strength they got from their faith and entered the lands occupied by the Zionist invaders and despite the weapons they had at their disposal, within 6 hours they exterminated these Zionist invaders” said Kemal Abur, secretary general of the Hamas government in Gaza.

At the same time, the son of Erdoğan, Bilal, took part in another pro-Gaza rally on Saturday alongside the former interior minister Suleiman Soylu.