The Rafah crossing on the Israeli-Egyptian border, which was opened in the morning to allow humanitarian aid to pass through the Gaza Strip, remained open for only two hours.

Under the opening agreement, only 20 trucks with cargo from the Egyptian Red Crescent were allowed to cross to the Gaza side, to deliver humanitarian aid – medicine and food – to the relevant Palestinian officials.

The crossing was then closed again, according to CNN.

A total of about 175 trucks with tons of humanitarian aid have been gathered for days in Rafah awaiting the opening of the crossing point to the Gaza Strip, the only one not controlled by Israel.

“The first convoy should not be the last,” said UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths, who is in Cairo for the “Peace Summit”, after 20 trucks passed through.

“I am confident that this shipment will be the beginning of a long-term effort to provide essential goods – mainly food, water, medicine and fuel – to the people of Gaza in a safe manner, without conditions and obstacles,” Griffiths added.

At the same time, dozens of Gazans with dual citizenship and foreign nationals are waiting on the Palestinian side of the crossing, hoping to be given permission to leave the enclave.