Poland’s pro-EU opposition parties are poised to take power and their common candidate for prime minister will be Donald Tusk, they say in a statement before the start of a series of meetings with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Donald Tusk himself asked the Polish president to give him the mandate to form a government “quickly”.

“Poles expect quick decisions. We are ready (…) to work at any time”, said the leader of the Coalition of Citizens during a press conference, as Andrey Duda’s consultations with the parties begin today.

Pro-European parties, rivals of the ruling populist, ultraconservative Law and Justice Party (PiS), won the Oct. 15 election, securing a majority of seats in the Polish parliament.

Andrei Duda, an ally of the ruling PiS, having already delayed the proceedings, PiS insists it will start by giving the mandate to the ruling party, which came first in the election but lost its parliamentary majority. PiS has no chance of forming a government.

The leaders of the three parties that secure a parliamentary majority – the Citizens’ Coalition, the centre-right Third Way and the New Left – are calling on Duda not to delay the appointment of a new prime minister.

However, his aides have said that the Polish president will not rush to make his choice.