Nikologiannis: “One of Panathinaikos’ best halves in Faliro – Ren was very good but…”


THE impeccable tactical approach on the part of Ivan Jovanovic led to his very good performance Panathinaikou opposite to Olympicfor as long as the derby between them lasted, as Tasos Nikologiannis pointed out through News Bulletin 247.

Panathinaikos has played a very good first half, for me one of the best they have played against Olympiakos in Karaiskakis. The reason was that he was very good regularly. Jovanovic moved the entire right side to the left and managed to contain Rodney. It was a game that satisfied the whole team very much, in the second half they conceded an equaliser, but they had the wind. It looked good, I don’t think it crashed. Because I hear they would lose 2-1 and 3-1, Jovanovic’s Panathinaikos has never shown such an image. Even in Marseille, where everything went wrong for him, he did not collapse. He endured and showed endurance. The European games raise your level and give you confidence for the Greek matches“, were his words.

The station’s reporter noted that Rennes is a very good team, on her good day she can do damage and her results are against what she plays, but if she doesn’t do well the match struggles.

At the same time, on a competitive level, Nikologiannis mentioned that Juancar will be knocked out for Thursday’s matchwhile Jedwai will return and give chances to play.

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Source: Sport Fm

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