The prime minister of the country, Viktor Orban, spoke of a “peace strategy” on the part of Hungary, attending the Summit and being asked about Budapest’s relationship with Moscow.

We have a peace strategy and we want to do everything to have peace. That is why we keep open all channels of communication with the Russians or there is no chance for peace” he said adding that “it’s about strategy. We are proud to do so. We are the only ones who speak for and in favor of peace which is in the interest of everyone in Europe».

Regarding the Middle East, Viktor Orbán underlined that “from a European point of view and from a Hungarian point of view, there are two countries in the region, in the southern part of the Mediterranean, Israel and Egypt. If any of them become unstable, migration flows from that direction will immediately come to Europe».

So we have to stabilize these countries and this region. Stability is in the interest of Europeanshe added.