The new prime minister of Slovakia Robert Fitzo declared on Thursday that he will not vote for any new EU sanctions against Russia if they are at the expense of Slovakia, the portal reported.

“Ficho emphasized that he will not vote for any sanctions [θεσπίσει η ΕΕ] against the Russian Federation until it existedi [τεκμηριωμένη] analysis of their impact on Slovakia on the table” is noted.

“If the sanctions hurt us [τη Σλοβακία], then I see no reason to support them,” Fico said, before leaving for the EU summit in Brussels.

He also confirmed that the Slovak government is suspending military aid to Ukraine. It supports the Summit “zero military support” to the authorities of Kiev.

In addition, Fitso called on the European Union to take initiatives to achieve peace in Ukraine. According to the Slovak prime minister, the EU “must converted by the weapons supplier who is now a peacemaker.’

“I’m in favor of it [γρήγορου] termination of hostilities. It doesn’t matter to me what the plan will be that leads to the achievement of this goal. It is up to the Russians and the Americans to decide how they will agree. Ukrainians play no role here• whatever the Russians and Americans agree to will stand, and I want peace to come. I do not support any of Zelensky’s plans, as they are completely unrealistic,” he said.