A senior Hamas official abruptly walked out of a BBC interview when the reporter asked him how the militant group justified killing Israeli families while they slept in their beds.

About 1,400 Israelis were killed when Hamas militants launched the offensive on October 7. Over 200 people were also taken hostage and remain in Gaza.

The BBC’s Middle East correspondent Hugo Bachega asked Hamas’ deputy foreign minister in Gaza, Ghazi Hamad, how he justified the attack. Hamad insisted that the Hamas leadership had not given “no order to kill civilians”.

When pressed on the fact that hundreds of civilians were killed during the so-called military operationsaid that “the area was very large, there were many civilians there and there were clashes and confrontations.”

The reporter clarified that it is not a simple confrontation when they broke into people’s homes. Then Hamad answered: “I can tell you that we had no intention or decision to kill civilians.”

The reporter continues by asking: “How do you justify killing people while they sleep? How do you justify killing hundreds of people?’

In response Hamad takes out his microphone, gets up from his chair and says: “I want to stop this interview.”