THE Iranian army get started two-day exercise with all units of its ground forces in the province of Isfahan, in the center of the country, as reported by The Times of Israel.

During the main stage of the exercise on Friday, the army’s mobile assault brigades, armored divisions and helicopter squadrons fired upgraded versions of Shafaq, Almas and Dehlaviyeh missiles to hit targets at a range of 8 to 20 kilometers, according to the Iranian news agency. Tasnim news. .

The commander of the air force, Yousef Ghorbani, announces on the sidelines of the exercise, codenamed Eghtedar (Authority) 1402, that military helicopters are participating in the exercise.

These have been equipped with jamming systems, night vision capabilities, long-range missiles and precision munitions, upgrading the Iranian military’s air force to the “undisputed helicopter force” in West Asia, Ghorbani boasted in Iranian state media.