The UN General Assembly tonight overwhelmingly called for an immediate “humanitarian ceasefire” in the war in the Gaza Strip, as the Israeli army announced it was “expanding” its ground operations against Hamas.

The non-binding resolution, denounced by Israel and the US because the text does not mention Hamas, was approved by 120 votes to 14 with 45 abstentions. The US and Israel were among the countries that voted against it.

The proposal, promoted by Jordan on behalf of Arab countries, was submitted to the General Assembly after the Security Council failed four times in two weeks to pass a resolution.

The approval of a resolution by the UN General Assembly for a humanitarian truce in Gaza is a “shame”, says Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan

“Same on you”! was the reaction of Israel’s ambassador to the UN, who described as a “disgrace” the fact that the Organization’s General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for a “humanitarian ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip, without mentioning Hamas in the text.

“Today is a dark day for the UN and humanity,” said Gilad Erdan, assuring that Israel would continue to use “all means” at its disposal “to rid the world of the evil that Hamas represents.” ” and “bring the hostages back to their homes”.

“The only way to destroy Hamas is to uproot it from the tunnels and the underground city of terror,” he added.

Tonight’s vote in the General Assembly shows that the majority of the international community prefers to support “the defense of Nazi terrorists” instead of Israel, according to Erdan.