The families of the hostages, mostly Israelis, held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip today expressed their “concern” and they demanded an explanation from the government after intensive Israeli military operations in the Palestinian enclave.

“Families are worried about the fate of their loved ones and are waiting for explanations. Every minute seems like an eternity. “We demand that Defense Minister Yoav Gallad and members of the war cabinet meet with us this morning,” after “a night of immense anguish,” the association that brings together the families of more than 220 hostages kidnapped by the Palestinian Islamist said in a statement. movement during its bloody October 7 attack on Israeli soil.

This Forum expressed “its immense anger that none of the members of the war cabinet bothered to meet the families of the hostages to explain to them one thing: whether this ground operation endangers the 229 hostages” who authorities have identified.

Hamas fighters kidnapped dozens of people, also took corpses with them, and drove them to the Gaza Strip. The Israeli authorities have identified 229 hostages, according to the latest figures released yesterday, Friday, by the Israeli army.

An American woman and her daughter, as well as two Israeli eighty-year-old women, were released by Hamas after mediation by Egypt and Qatar.