In Red Sea Israeli warships were deployed according to a morning announcement by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), following a series of missile and drone attacks by Houthi rebels supported by Iran in Yemen.

“According to the assessment of the situation and as part of the defense efforts in the area, yesterday, Israeli Navy missile launchers arrived in the Red Sea area” stated in an IDF statement.

As reported by SKAI’s envoy Stavros Ioannidis, given that we also had a missile launch yesterday from Yemen which was intercepted south of the city of Eilat, and with this front becoming “hot”, it was decided the development of rocketsin case they need to intercept another aerial threat, as in addition to missiles there is also the danger of drones.

Yesterday the military intercepted a missile and two drones fired from Yemen into Israel. Another target was intercepted early in the morning near Eilat.

The Israeli army assures that it has several levels of air defense in the area for protection from Houthi attacks.

There is also a strong American presence in the Red Sea.

It is noted US destroyer Navy in the Red Sea was attacked by missiles fired by the Houthis.

The Gaza front

New comment for the Jambaliya raids the Israeli Defense Forces did in the morning. At least six airstrikes hit residential areas in the refugee camp on the outskirts of Gaza City on Tuesday, killing killing more than 50 people and injuring about 150 people, Hamas officials said.

“During the fighting yesterday (Tuesday), IDF troops recognized several Hamas terrorists holed up in a high-rise building – located near a school, medical center and government offices – in the Jambaliya area in the northern Gaza Strip. IDF troops asked the IAF (Israeli Air Force) to strike the terrorists,” it said.

🔴 Additional documentation from the Hamas base that operated under a building in Jabaliya, the rocket blew up the building and the headquarters below and buried a lot of Hamas terrorists under it.

— Mossad Commentary (@MOSSADil) October 31, 2023

IDF ground activity in the Gaza Strip continues. From the beginning of the war, the Israeli army announced that it has hit over 11,000 targets belonging to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army announced that 9 more of his soldiers were killed in combat in northern Gaza.

Overnight, combined Israeli military forces struck several terrorist targets across the Gaza Strip, including operational command centers, tunnels, as well as Hamas terrorist cores, Israel points out.