“We are in a difficult war. This will be a long war. We have so many important achievements but also painful losses” said the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addressing the Israeli public opinion, and while it was known that on Tuesday 10 Israeli soldiers lost their lives in northern Gaza.

A total of 12 Israeli soldiers have been killed in Gaza since the start of operations in northern Gaza.

“We know that each of our soldiers is a whole world. The entire people of Israel embrace you, you families, from the bottom of our hearts. We are all with you in your great sorrow” he emphasized.

Our soldiers fell in the most just war, the war for our home.

“I promise the citizens of Israel: We will complete the task – we will continue until victory” Mr. Netanyahu pledged.

The 12th fatality to be announced is Lt. Mark Pdaya, 22.

“Long and complicated campaign that requires determination”

The Minister of Defense also sent a message to the Israeli public earlier Joab Gallant in his statement about them dead soldiers killed in fighting in northern Gaza.

“When IDF Fighters Fall in Battles Against Hamas Terrorists in Gaza it is a hard and painful blow. Our hearts and thoughts are with their beloved families,” Gallant said.

“The significant achievements of the fierce battles in the depths of the Gaza Strip unfortunately they come at a heavy price,” the defense minister warned.

“We are prepared and ready for a long and complicated campaign which requires courage, determination and perseverance — we will win” write down.