The government is in a constant battle with tax evasion, Minister of State Makis Voridis told SKAI, as a large number of self-employed professionals – reaching 70% – declare incomes below the minimum wage of 10,900 euros.

No new taxes will be introduced, but there will be a rebuttable presumption of income, for reasons of tax justice, said the minister, commenting on the new way of taxing freelancers.

As he said, anyone who declares above this presumption already has a reduction in the filing fee.

In the following tax declarations, for this year’s incomes, no freelancer and self-employed person will be able to declare less than 10,920 euros. The upper limit is set at 50,000 euros as a series of assumptions are taken into account such as the years of activity, the turnover and the payroll of the employed staff, if of course there is one.

On the contrary, the first three years of work, any disability and also the place of work reduce the minimum income that must be declared.

As an additional incentive, for those who declare at least 5% above the minimum presumptive income the pretension fee from 2024 is reduced by 50%. For the rest, the reduction is 25%.