To support the position of the Israeli government that Israel respects international humanitarian law with regard to the evacuation efforts of Northern Gaza attempted Isaac Herzog during his meeting with Anthony Blinken. “Israel has a right and an obligation to defend itself, how he does it matters” characteristically stated the US Secretary of State.

Israel’s president showed Blinken a leaflet, one of 1.2 million leaflets which he said were sent to citizens of Gaza to warn them of IDF military operations.

“We have sent six million letters messages and we made four million phone calls to the citizens of Gaza according to the rules of international law, where we notified the citizens in advance, even and before the attack on Jabalya,” the president of Israel said according to CNN.

Herzog thanked Blinken for his “moral clarity.”

He acknowledged that the protesters, who could be heard faintly in the background, were demanding action to free hostages held by Hamas and said: “Our hearts go out to them. We get it. We want their immediate release.”

Blinken and Herzog also said that “we think every moment of our hostages – so many Israelis, Americans, other foreign nationals.”