The French Institute in Gaza was hit by an Israeli airstrikebut no staff injuries have been reported, the French foreign ministry said today, while the Gaza offices of the Agence France-Presse (AFP) were also hit.

According to the French foreign ministry, there were no institute workers or French citizens at the site at the time of the raid.

The French ministry added that it had asked the Israeli authorities to communicate “without delay” the “specific” reasons that caused the blow to the institute.

In a separate announcement, the ministry also expressed “very strong concerns” on the number of civilian casualties in Gaza.

AFP reported on social media X that its office in the Gaza Strip was bombed by the Israeli army and was badly damaged by a blow yesterday, Thursday.

None of the eight AFP staff or permanent employees normally based in Gaza were in the building when it was hit. All were evacuated to the southern part of the Gaza Strip on October 13, he added.

“The AFP condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack on its office in Gaza City,” it said.