Seven dead and two missing are, according to the latest report, the number of victims so far from the wave of bad weather that hit Italy on Friday, with the greatest destruction occurring in the Tuscany region, in the wider area of ​​the cities of Prato and Pistoia . Today, a decision is expected to be made whether the schools in these two cities will remain closed for the first days of next week as well.

The cabinet of the Meloni government has declared a state of emergency in all the regions of Tuscany affected by the unprecedented downpours and allocated, for the first, necessary interventions, five million euros. As soon as the damage is detailed, this amount will, of course, increase significantly,” said the Italian Minister of Civil Protection, Nello Muzzumecchi.

In total, the Italian fire brigade operations exceeded 4,000 in five regions of the country. Apart from Tuscany, in central Italy the bad weather caused major problems in the central Italian regions of Umbria, Molise and Abruzzo, but also in the northeastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

A further worsening of the weather conditions is expected from this evening. The bad weather, according to the forecasts, will initially affect northern Italy (mainly the wider area of ​​Bologna) and Tuscany, while it is then expected to extend to the rest of the country.