In Italy, in recent days, a “battle” has broken out between the children of Silvio Berlusconi and 20 young women, to whom the Cavaliere had secured a monthly salary of 2,500 euros, but also the possibility of free accommodation in real estate.

As the press writes, these are girls who had taken part in dinners and celebrations organized by the former Italian prime minister, at his villa outside Milan and at his residence in Rome. Silvio Berlusconi died last June.

The tycoon and former prime minister had decided to financially support the girls, with the logic that, due to the negative publicity and noise that had been created in connection with his dinners and parties, they would no longer be able to easily find work.

His four children, however, now have a completely different opinion and have decided, from the beginning of the month, to stop the granting of the specific monthly amount, as well as the free provision of the properties, from the end of the year.

Two of the young women, however, announced that they do not intend to respect the decision. More specifically, the Barbara Guerrathrough her lawyers, underlines that in an earlier telephone conversation Silvio Berlusconi had assured her that the villa in which she lives could in the future become her property, even if he could not transfer it to her immediately because, due to a lawsuit was in progress, it would be considered corruption.

The not Alessandra Sorcinelli he added that “it was about a compensation agreement that should be formalized, in writing, after the completion of the relevant trial, to avoid the exploitation of the whole case after the fact”.

According to Sorcinelli, finally, “Berlusconi’s heirs insult the memory of their father, who had repeatedly expressed the will to help all the girls, after the damage they suffered.”