The Israeli military released images on Sunday that it said showed members of Hamas opening fire from a Gaza hospital and other members showing a rocket launch site located 75 meters from a hospital under which Hamas tunnels are located .

The Israeli military has been frequently blamed, mainly by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN since it began its war against Hamas, for its shelling of or near health facilities in the Gaza Strip where there are many civilians, mostly displaced people who they find refuge there.

One of the cases highlighted during the press release of these photos taken from intelligence documents concerns a hospital in Gaza whose construction was funded by Qatar.

The images show, according to Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari, “Hamas terrorists shooting at soldiers from inside the hospital.”

The video was filmed, according to the same source, during the Israeli forces’ ground operation to “exterminate Hamas” in the Gaza Strip from where the Islamist movement launched its deadly attack on Israel on October 7.

A tunnel “was also used for terrorist infrastructure inside the Qatar hospital,” Haggari said.

In a second case, involving the Indonesian hospital, north of Gaza, the building was built over Hamas “advanced terrorist outposts” and hides the organization’s “command center” in the basement, the spokesman said, showing photos as evidence.

He also presented evidence, according to the military, of the existence of a missile launch site located 75 meters from this hospital.

“They know for sure that if Israel launches an airstrike on this launch base, the hospital will be severely damaged,” he said, denouncing Hamas’ “cynical use of hospitals.”

On Friday, the army announced it had rammed an ambulance in front of al-Sifa hospital, Gaza’s largest, saying it was being “used” by Hamas. This bombing killed 15 people and injured 60 others.

The Hamas government has categorically denied the claims, accusing Israel of using them as a pretext to target hospitals. It said on Sunday night it was ready to welcome “an international commission of inquiry” to inspect the hospitals and ensure they are not being used for military purposes.

The tunnels pointed to by the military are a fuel tank in one case, an underground room in the other, Hamas said.

The Israeli spokesman also presented an audio recording that he said proved that Hamas was stealing fuel from hospitals. The quantities of fuel transported to Gaza hospitals are estimated in liters by international organizations, Hamas responded, rejecting this accusation.