A Fazenda 15: Jenny asks not to be called by the surname Miranda anymore and says: ‘Gretchen is my biggest rival


Sixth eliminated from A Fazenda 15, Jenny Gontijo participated in the Hora do Faro program and before evaluating her participation in the reality show, she asked the public to no longer be linked to the surname Miranda. The influencer wants to cut off any ties with Gretchen and her family once and for all. The former girl accused the singer and dancer of being responsible for the fight and breakup with her daughter, Bia Miranda, and said: “Gretchen is now my biggest rival.”

Jenny also said that her relationship with Thammy Miranda’s mother was not so good. “I have my childhood traumas. In fact, I never had Gretchen’s love as a mother, I was always a product and they kicked me when I was no longer useful. I am very emotionally dependent. Despite everything, I continued to praise her until I got that slap”, explained.

The “lapada” that Jenny refers to was Bia Miranda’s entry in the previous edition of “A Fazenda”. “My daughter cheated on her boyfriend, and I didn’t support it. But she ran to Gretchen’s side. They were already putting together something so that Bia could go on reality,” she said. According to Jenny, the idea of ​​Bia getting involved with former football player Adriano Imperador was planned.

“Now I’m Jenny Gontijo. Miranda comes from another story, from a family I had. I don’t want to use it anymore because I have bad memories. Today my name is Jenny Gontijo, which is my name on the documents and now I want that also become my stage name.

The ex-player also spoke about what went wrong in her game that resulted in her leaving the reality show. “Rachel was very strong on the program. I already felt that inside, due to her positions. Despite finding her a bit awkward at times. I believe it was largely because of Rachel’s expulsion”, he commented. “I entered a game that I didn’t know how to play.”

Source: Folha

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