The Peruvian Foreign Minister, Ana Cecilia Hervasi, submitted her resignation yesterday, Monday, due to the reactions regarding the trip made by the President Dina Bolluarte to the USA.

In Congress, lawmakers on both the left and the right have accused Ms. Hervasi of lying to get parliament to approve Ms. Bolluarte’s trip to Washington last week. During this visit, he was supposed to have a one-on-one meeting with US President Joe Biden.

But such a meeting did not take place, while Mr. Biden had private talks at the White House with his counterparts of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, and of Chile, Gabriel Borich.

Mrs. Hervasi assured that it had been agreed with the State Department that there would be a meeting between the two heads of state on the sidelines of the meeting of the alliance for economic prosperity in the American continent held in Washington, but it was canceled due to “lack of time”.

US Deputy Secretary of State Brian Nichols said on Saturday during an interview with a Peruvian radio station that Mr Biden and Ms Bolluarte had discussed “bilateral issues”, admitting that no formal meeting had taken place. Photographs released show the head of state conversing with her counterpart in a White House corridor.

The name of Ms Hervasi’s successor is expected to be announced today.

Gustavo Mesa Cuadra, Peru’s ambassador to the US, who explained that he “was responsible for the preparation” of the trip, also submitted his resignation.

Former Vice President Dina Bolluarte succeeded in December 2022 as Peru’s president Pedro Castillo, a former educator and trade unionist elected with a radical left party, who was detained and remains in custody after attempting to dissolve Congress with his opponents to accuse him of attempting a “coup d’état”, of “conspiracy” and “mutiny”. The former head of state pleads not guilty. Ms Bolluarte’s government has faced a wave of demonstrations by supporters of Pedro Castillo, which have been bloodily suppressed, and is being investigated by prosecutors for “genocide” of indigenous people.