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With the traditional “King’s Speech”, the historic ceremony officially opening the new parliamentary year in Britain took place at noon in Westminster, London.

According to his “speech” King Charles, for first time after his enthronement, he read out a summary of the legislation the government intends to push through parliament.

He had taken on the same role last year representing his sick mother, Queen Elizabethfour months before her death.

In fact, at the beginning of his speech he did excited special mention to his mother’s “service and dedication” for 70 years.

The historic ceremony, which dates back to the 15th century, was held as always with grand ritualwith the 74-year-old monarch arriving at parliament with carin which the queen was also riding Camilaaccompanied by a mounted guard.



His speech was made in House of Lordsas the monarch is not allowed to enter the House of Commons, with Charles wearing the 2,868-diamond Imperial State Crown.

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The bills of the Sunak government

Among the announced bills stand out the one to gradually raise the legal smoking age so that today’s 14-year-olds cannot legally buy tobacco products in the future, to restructure the welfare benefits system, to change the English exam system high schools, for the staffing of health services in cases of strikes, for the construction of a Holocaust memorial, for stricter sentences for the most heinous crimes, for the prevention of “sophisticated” crimes, such as digital crimes and sexual abuse of minors, for the prohibition of unjustified evictions and the bill which concerns the establishment of a new supervisory body for football, with stricter criteria for the suitability of owners and managers of football clubs.


The goals of Rishi Sunak’s government, as read out by King Charles, were highlighted as reducing inflation and fighting austerity, economic growth, reducing public debt, energy security, achieving zero emissions by 2050, better rail and road connectivity to areas of the north of England, reducing NHS patient waiting lists, border control, aid to Gaza and de-escalation in the Middle East, support for Ukraine, as well as safe development of Artificial Intelligence.