Administrative research launched against a former French Foreign Ministry associate, Sophie Pommier, after she was seen tearing up photographs of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza on a Paris street, the ministry announced Tuesday evening.

A video posted on Platform X shows this woman tearing up the posters and answering passers-by who asked her why she was doing it by shouting:Israel is murdering.” The photos were posted by a collective which requests the release of the hostages, mamong whom are many Frenchmen.

“The video broadcast that day shows a vile behavior and statements based on which this person Mrrendered wholly unfit to maintain the slightest employment relationship’ with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the announcement states.

The ministry also said it was aware of the woman’s posts on social networking sites, in which she “compared Hamas terrorist attacks with the French resistance against the Nazi occupation”.

“Although this person has not had any working relationship with the ministry since last summer, an administrative investigation will be conducted at the request of Minister Katrin Colonas, regarding the circumstances under which he was hired’ explained the ministry.

The Column “repeats that hatred, extremism and violence are by definition incompatible with participation, directly or indirectly, in the formulation of France’s foreign policy,” the statement added.

They were killed in the Hamas attacks on October 7 40 French citizens and 8 others are missing and believed to be held hostage.