A Fazenda 15: Yuri refutes the accusation of being homophobic: ‘I work in fashion and deal with gays every day’


Jaquelline Grohalski and Yuri Meirelles had another heated discussion on A Fazenda 15. The two argued this Tuesday (7) because of comments the model made about the former BBB member during the previous night’s dynamic. The confusion became even greater after the person returned with the episode in which Lucas Souza was the target of homophobic comments on the reality show by the Crias group.

“I’d much rather have a history of VTzeira than have a history of what you did with Lucas, okay? Spare me and spare us”, began Jaquelline. “Come on, bring up a topic that’s already dead. This is my business and his and it’s already been resolved”, replied Yuri.

Jaquelline continued: “The subject is very lively. Prejudiced! You, yes, were prejudiced. Not me! You were there looking for Lucas to apologize to him. You were the one who did it and it happened to the LGBTQIAPN+ community. You still kept apologizing and everything worried,” he said.

“I was misunderstood. I have no problem with the LGBT community. I work in fashion. I deal with gays every day. I deal with them practically every day”, reinforced Yuri.

Then, Jaquelline recalled another accusation from participants. “When you said that I keep raising issues… It was you who raised issues here with prejudiced people, back in the little house. It hurt so much that you went looking for the boy to apologize.”

In the first weeks of the game, Adriane Galisteu warned pedestrians about the homophobic comments directed at Lucas Souza. The Record presenter warned that such attitudes are unacceptable, criminal and could lead to expulsion from the program. “In the world we live in today, it’s past time for homophobia or any other LGBTphobia to end once and for all. Whether it truly ends depends on us. There is and can no longer be space for this type of behavior.”

Source: Folha

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