The Israeli armed forces announced a short time ago that they had struck the group that carried out the drone attack on a school in the Red Sea resort of Eilat in southern Israel in which there were no casualties but only material damage.

“Israeli forces hold the Syrian regime fully responsible for any terrorist activity originating from its territory. We will respond to every attack against Israel,” they say in their post on the X platform.

Drone hit school in Eilat, Israel – Watch video

A remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle crashed into a school in the Red Sea resort of Eilat in southern Israel on Thursday, with no casualties, the Israeli military said.

Scenes from the city of Eilat after an explosion shook the city.

Views from the city of Eilat after two explosions hit the city.

— Abderrahim Baali (@Abderrahim71023) November 9, 2023

“A UAV hit a civilian building in the city of Eilat,” Israel’s military said via X (formerly Twitter). “The identity of the UAV and the circumstances of the incident are under investigation,” he added.

A UAV hit a civilian building in the city of Eilat, in southern Israel.

The identity of the UAV and the details of the incident are under review.

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) November 9, 2023

According to a representative of Chahal on the spot, the building was a school and people were inside it at the time of the explosion. Only material damage was caused. First aid services provided psychological support to seven people in a state of shock.

Footage from the City of Eilat in which you can clearly hear some kind of Turboprop Drone right before the Explosion? the Drone is reported to have Struck a School within the City however thankfully there are No Casualties.

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The drone crashed into a primary school in Eilat, an AFP journalist found on the ground. The coastal city is currently home to tens of thousands of people displaced from northern Israel, which borders Lebanon, and southern Israel, the area that borders the Gaza Strip, where the war with the Palestinian Islamist movement continues to rage. Hamas.

The school area was cordoned off by dozens of police and military personnel.

Last night, the Israeli military announced that it had intercepted a missile over the Red Sea with the Arrow anti-missile defense system.

He then added that he intercepted a “suspicious” flying object in southern Israel with a Patriot array, clarifying that it did not enter Israeli airspace.

For their part, Yemen’s Houthi rebels announced that they launched a “barrage of ballistic missiles against various critical targets” in the Eilat region on Thursday, in a press release signed by the spokesman for their military arm, Yahya Shari.

“The operation achieved their objectives, causing damage to the designated targets, despite the silence of the enemy,” always according to the Houthi spokesman.

In recent weeks, the Yemeni armed movement close to Iran has announced that it has launched drone attacks against Israel in retaliation for Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip. His most recent announcement was made on November 6. That day, the Israeli military had reported spotting an “enemy” flying object off the coast of Eilat.

“Our forces will continue their military operations in support of the Palestinian people (…) until the Israeli attack against our brothers in Gaza stops,” Mr. Shari added.

Yesterday Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said during a press conference that the threat does not only come from Yemen. “We are monitoring threats in the region, including (threats) to Eilat, from various locations,” he added.