London, Thanasis Gavos

The future of the Minister of the Interior Suella Braverman in his government is reportedly being considered by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, after her “inflammatory” comments regarding the pro-Palestine protests in Britain.

The positions of the Minister of the Interior condemned by Tory figures in messaging groups, according to multiple reports.

According to British reports, many Tory MPs believe she cannot be justified in staying in government. Some are even peddling the theory that the minister is seeking her ouster in order to emerge as a re-contender for the Tory leadership, with the support of the far right wing of the party, which also supports her in the current case.

Ms Braverman has repeatedly spoken of ‘hate marches’ and in a widely criticized Times article he referred to a “mob” with links to Hamas, while accusing the police of bias in favor of particular groups of protesters.

Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt was asked about this on Friday morning he said that “they are not words I would use myself”, while the Deputy Minister of Education Robert Halfon avoided confirming that the prime minister still has confidence in the person of the minister.

On Thursday Downing Street had said that Prime Minister Sunak has full confidence in Suella Braverman, but admitted that changes to the article had been requested, a request that was ignored by the Home Secretary. The representative of the prime minister’s office added that the case is “being investigated”.

The Labor Party was quick to call for Ms Braverman’s sacking from the government, citing in addition to the impropriety of her statements and an article in the ministerial code of conduct that states that important interventions in the media must have the full approval of the prime minister.