“Big Exit”… Video of an endless line of thousands of civilians she leaves behind the hell of Northern Gaza released by the Israeli army. It’s about footage of the evacuation of Northern Gaza through the road axis Salah Al Din.

Men women and childrenwith their meager possessions, are headed south on footwhile around them all the buildings are destroyed by the fierce clashes. The video shows the weapon of an IDF soldier, with Israeli forces monitoring the exit from Gaza City.

By posting the video, the IDF spokesman made clear that “the area of ​​the northern Gaza Strip is considered a zone of heavy fighting and the time for evacuation is running out.”

“Gaza residents

I am telling you that today, as in the previous days, the IDF is once again allowing movement through Salah Al Din between ten (10:00) in the morning and four (16:00) in the afternoon. These attached screenshots were taken about half an hour ago and show a tangible response to our appeals and demands. Don’t listen to what some Hamas leaders are saying from their hotels abroad or the underground places they have arranged for themselves and their family members. For your safety, take advantage next time to move south beyond the Gaza Wadi. The area of ​​the northern Gaza Strip is considered a zone of heavy fighting and the evacuation time is running out. “Participating (in the evacuation) are hundreds of thousands who responded to the appeals and moved south in the last few days.”

The Ministry of Health of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas announced today Friday that 11,078 people have been killed to Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip since the war began on October 7.

Among the dead recorded to date, 4,506 were children and 3,027 women, the Ministry of Health said. Besides, 27,490 people were injured.

The Hamas Health Ministry also reported that 21 hospitals have stopped operating and 47 health centers are not providing services.