US President Joe Biden can lead the world to World War III and nuclear conflict with his actions, the most important threat to the world today is not global warming, but “nuclear warming”the president argued Donald Trump.

In an interview with the Spanish-language Univision network, the politician said that “the whole world is a mess”, while under his administration the USA “had no problems” and there were no wars”.

“We did work and now everything is horrible. You will end up in a world war…. We have an incompetent leader of the United States. He can’t even get off a stage, he can’t find the stairs. He can’t put two sentences together. He can’t speak. And this man has to do with (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and (Chinese) President Xi (Jinping) and all these people you probably don’t even say love us.”Trump claimed.

According to the former president, the biggest threat to the US and the world is the “nuclear weapons”. At the same time, Biden “he doesn’t even know what a nuclear weapon is as our chief negotiator.” “You could end up with World War III. (…). When I hear these people talk about the environment and that over a period of 300 years, the oceans will rise 1/100 of an inch. And that this is a big threat. It’s not a threat. The threat is not global warming. Is nuclear overheating“, added the former president.