According to an announcement by the Israeli air force, Ahmed Tsiam, the regional commander of Hamas, is dead.

According to the Israeli Air Force, an aerial bombardment killed Ahmed Tsiam, who was holding about a thousand residents of the Gaza Strip as hostages in the “Randisi” hospital and prevented them from evacuating to the south of the Gaza Strip.

The Israelis’ announcement comes as “confirmation” of their claims that Hamas is using the hospitals as operational centers.

Israeli army takes control of 11 Hamas military positions in Gaza Strip

The Israeli army said today it has taken control of 11 military positions in the Gaza Strip since the start of the ground campaign.

The army also said it struck other tunnels and suspected terrorists in Palestinian territory overnight, while the navy attacked Hamas weapons depots late on Friday.

Rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel continued today with air raid sirens sounding in a border community near Gaza.

The war in Gaza, now in its 36th day, began on October 7 with Hamas attacks on Israel and Israel’s subsequent bombardment of Gaza.

Israel yesterday revised down the official estimated death toll from the October 7 attacks to about 1,200 people from more than 1,400.

Israel’s military campaign in Gaza has killed 11,078 people, mostly civilians, and injured more than 27,490 people, according to the latest figures from the Hamas-controlled Gaza health ministry.