With Hezbollah to continue to carry out attacks in northern Israel, the country’s defense minister Joab Gallant warned on Saturday that “the terrorist group is close to to make a serious mistake which will end with the people of Beirut to leave their homes”.

“I say here to the citizens of Lebanon, I already see the citizens in Gaza walking with white flags along the coast and move south,” Gallant said during a visit to a military base on the northern border.

“Hezbollah is dragging Lebanon into a war that can happen, and make mistakes. If he makes mistakes of this kind, those who they will pay the price it is first of all the citizens of Lebanon. What we do in Gaza we know how to do in Beirut.” Gallant interpreted.

He also stated that the Israeli Air Force uses less than 1/10 of its strength in the Gaza Strip.

“Our pilots are sitting in the cockpit, the noses of the planes are pointing north. We have enough to do in the south, but the Air Force is facing the north, and its strength is very large,” he noted.

Earlier, the Israel Defense Forces announced that one of its tanks had shelled a group of guided of Hezbollah anti-tank missiles in southern Lebanon, preparing to launch an attack near the northern village of Arab al-Aramse.

Earlier, an “aerial target” – believed to be a drone – was intercepted over Kibbutz Gabri, the IDF announced. Alarm sirens had sounded in the community.

Two other targets were intercepted over the Israel-Lebanese border, the Israeli military added.

Also on Saturday, mortars and anti-tank rockets were fired at IDF positions along the border.

The IDF says troops are responding with artillery shelling of the sources of fire and Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon.

The Israelis have meanwhile denied Western media reports that the Al Shifa hospital is under strangulation, with civilians unable to escape. At least they have found refuge in Al Shifa 50,000 people – among them 2,500 patients, seriously injured, operated and newborns.