The Secret Servicewhich undertakes the protection of high-ranking officials and their family members in the US, announced today that an agent assigned to guard Naomi Biden, the granddaughter of President Joe Biden, according to US media, opened fire when he perceived an attempted burglary in an official car.

This incident took place on Sunday in an affluent district of the federal capital. It is unclear at this time if Naomi Biden was at the scene.

On Nov. 12, at approximately 11:58 p.m., Secret Service agents observed three individuals attempting to break the window of a parked government vehicle, which was unoccupied,” spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in a post on Platform X. “During during this standoff, a federal agent used his service weapon, apparently hitting no one“, he clarified.

The suspects escaped and “there was no danger to the people being guarded,” he added.

29-year-old lawyer Naomi Biden is the daughter of Hunter Biden, the president’s eldest son, and was informed of the attempted burglary of the government vehicle.

Joe Biden maintains close relationships with grandchildren who often accompany him to official events.

Naomi is named after the president’s daughter, who was killed as a baby in a car accident in 1972, along with her mother, Biden’s first wife.

The attempted burglary comes at a time when car thefts have increased significantly in Washington. More than 860 thefts have been reported since the beginning of the year, according to local police, which is twice as many as last year.