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Vatican: Pope Francis still trusts me, says former Paris archbishop


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THE former Archbishop of Pariswho resigned in December after reports of his relationship with a woman, met with Pope Francis and stated that the pope renewed his confidence in his face, according to an interview published today.

“Pope Francis renews support for me Vatican Vatican News

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Opeti, who met with the head of the Roman Catholic Church a few days ago, said that Francis wanted to remain a member of the department that advises the pope on the appointment of bishops around the world. He will take part in councils held every two weeks in Rome.

A few days after accepting Opeti’s resignation, Pope Francis told reporters that he did not do so because the archbishop had sinned, but because gossip had put him in a position where he could no longer serve as archbishop of Paris.

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Michelle Opetti has denied any close relationship with the woman – who is not named – although he acknowledged that his behavior could have been misinterpreted.

According to him, the pope told him that he was concerned about the situation of the French Roman Catholic Church, without going into further details.

The French Roman Catholic Church is upset by a survey in October that found more than 200,000 children had been sexually abused by clergy in France for the past 70 years.

Opeti said he would continue to play an active role in the French Roman Catholic Church, citing a number of indications.

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