Ukrainian soldiers conduct exercises using US missiles


Ukrainian soldiers were trained in high schools at the Yavoryov military base in western Ukraine, using US-supplied anti-tank missiles, launchers and other military equipment as part of a $ 200 million security package.

Soldiers, some of whom wore white camouflage uniforms, fired rockets or watched as military vehicles crossed the snowy landscape.

Ukraine has received shipments of US military aid as it prepares for an attack after Russia rallied tens of thousands of troops near the Ukrainian border in recent weeks. Moscow denies planning an invasion of Ukrainian territory.

“These weapons will help to stop the military vehicles, to destroy them. “And in an urban environment they will allow us to destroy buildings where the enemy is hiding,” said Andrei Bestyuk, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Army General Staff.

“If you want peace, get ready for war,” said one soldier, whose face was covered and who did not want to be named.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov said today that the next plane with American weapons is expected to arrive soon.

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