One by one the “Friends” say goodbye to their beloved friend Matthew Perry who passed away on October 29. After “Rachel” and “Joey”, it’s the turn of “Ross”, David Schwimmer who, with a long post on Instagram and a photo of them, says goodbye to the actor in his own way.

THE David Schwimmer thanks him for the “10 incredible years of laughter and creativity” and for “his heart, which he shared with them and turned 6 strangers into a family.”

Specifically, he writes:


Thank you for 10 incredible years of laughter and creativity.

I will never forget your perfect timing and comedy. You could take a simple line and twist it however you wanted, resulting in something so original and unexpectedly funny that it still surprises people.

And you had a heart. Which you were generous enough to share with us to make a family out of the six strangers that we were.

This photo is from one of my favorite moments with you. Now it makes me smile and sad at the same time.

I imagine you up there somewhere, in the same white suit, with your hands in your pockets, looking around –

“Could there be other clouds?”

Check out this Instagram post.

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