London, Thanasis Gavos

The hope that an agreement with Greece for the Parthenon Sculptures will be possible was once again expressed by the chairman of the British Museum’s management commissioners, George Osborne.

Once again, however, he described an agreement for the temporary and partial return of sculptures from London to Athens, in exchange for periodic exhibitions of other ancient Greek treasures to be sent to the British Museum.

Speaking at the annual management commissioners dinnerIn the room that hosts the Sculptures, Mr. Osborne reiterated that “we may not get (a deal), but I think it’s worth trying.”

According to PA Media Mr Osborne said: “I hope we can reach an agreement with Greece. An agreement that will allow these great sculptures to be exhibited in Athens as well as in London. A deal that will allow other treasures from Greece, some that have never left those shores, to be displayed here at the British Museum.

“As commissioners of administration we look forward to a cooperation with our Greek friends that will not require anyone to give up their claims, that will not ask for any change in the laws that it is not up to us to draft, but that will find a practical, realistic and reasonable way to proceed.”

Mr. Osborne added that the Parthenon Sculptures have always been in London were “controversial” and he stressed that these issues should be discussed.