It was a cold atmosphere for him Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Bellevue Palace judging by what the German media are commenting on, but also the photos themselves. The cold atmosphere also reflects the cold diplomatic relations between the two states.

For “frozen welcome” for Erdoğan and for a “quick handshake” in the palace Bild characteristically did.

Erdogan arrived at the Federal President’s headquarters 20 minutes late – but left an hour later than scheduled it is stressed.

Federal President Steinmeier, looking dapper, welcomed the Turkish president and both posed for photographers. Erdoğan then signed the guest book. After a few minutes, the meeting in front of the cameras was over.

There were no hugs, and no pleasant platitudes were exchanged, Erdogan and Steinmeier’s looks were serious, Bild emphasizes.

Later, the Turkish president will meet with Chancellor Olaf Solz, with whom a dinner has been arranged at the Chancellery. There will also be a meeting with the press.


Erdogan will not attend Saturday night’s soccer friendly between Germany and Turkey at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium.

Erdogan has branded Hamas terrorists as “liberators”, prompting a backlash from the West.

Friday’s lightning visit is Erdogan’s first to Germany in three years, while there were strong reactions to the point of risking cancellation.